Premature Ejaculation Frequently Asked Questions

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Premature Ejaculation FAQ

Absolutely not. We don’t send marketing e-mails to our clients by any means.

Our privacy policy is strict. We don’t release any of our members’ personal information to third parties.

Absolutely. If you’re not satisfied with the treatment program, you can request a refund of the total purchase within 30 days.

There are other methods of payment available. You can make a payment by mail within Spain or through Western Union from other countries. See the payment section for more details.

Your privacy is important to us. Your purchase will appear as “PAYPAL” in your credit card statement. It makes no reference whatsoever to premature ejaculation or anything sex-related for that matter.

If you’re not satisfied with the treatment and the results do not meet your expectations, we’ll gladly refund your money within 30 days from when the payment was made.

The treatment costs is 49.90$ per year of service until you cancel the membership.

No. premature ejaculation cannot be treated with products – they have been proven ineffective and may even cause harm to your body.

No. You’ll only need to put in 20-25 minutes daily to perform the exercises.

Some may say 12 minutes, while others may say 20. The truth is that there is no right or wrong with this one. All women require a certain amount of time to reach an orgasm; some may need more, while other may need less. The important thing is the quality of the orgasm, not its duration. Some women can go on for hours without having an orgasm. With our treatment program, we’ll not only teach you how to have control over your ejaculations, but also how to identify the pleasure points in a woman (a.k.a. her “G-Spot”) that will blow them away.

As soon as you’ve paid for the treatment program, you’ll immediately receive an e-mail with your new username and password. Follow the link to our website and login to the members’ area, where you’ll be able to access the treatment.

The treatment is based on exercising focusing on the mind, body and relaxation. For more information, visit the treatment section.

Not necessarily. The PC muscle is capable of blocking the release of sperm, but does not have control over ejaculation, whether it is injaculation or a delayed ejaculation. Even though premature ejaculation involves both the mind and body, it is particularly concerned with the mind. The only way to overcome premature ejaculation is through re-education of the ejaculatory process at all levels, not just the PC muscle, although it is definitely important.

The PC muscle (pubococcygeus) is the muscle that contracts when we want to stop the urination process (by “squeezing”). Many believe that this muscle is related to the cause of PE, which is not true. Regardless of the cause of premature ejaculation (since it varies depending on the person), training the PC muscle is a vital part of the treatment process.

Of course. If you follow the instructions carefully and step-by-step, you won’t experience any problems whatsoever. You should never rush yourself through the treatment or perform more exercises than necessary since you can injure your PC muscle, just like with any other muscle in your body. The treatment program has been designed specifically to overcome premature ejaculation in the necessary time without the experience of any side-effects. Therefore, you have to start off by slowly training your muscle and strengthen it with time while the exercises gradually increase in intensity.

We look at it like this: if you’re not able to control your ejaculation for as much time as you’d like to, you may be at risk of having PE. If you’re able to delay your ejaculation for a half hour or so, you shouldn’t be worried at all. However, it depends on both you and your partner; you should be able to satisfy her so that she reaches an orgasm, while controlling yourself in the “appropriate” moments.

Positive results usually start to appear after the second week of treatment. These results tend to boost the premature ejaculator’s self-esteem, although they still aren’t permanent. In order to achieve permanent results, it’s essential to continue with the exercises for at least another week or so until the movements become completely natural – so natural that you don’t even need to think about it. It’s similar to learning how to ride a bicycle or drive a car; you may experience some bumps and twists along the way but with practice you’ll be perfect. On average, it takes about a month to achieve permanent results.

Premature ejaculation is a disorder that occurs due to poor sexual habits and typically continues for several years if left untreated. Therefore, we don’t believe that it’s possible to see permanent results within such a short treatment period. In fact, the first step to overcome premature ejaculation is by taking the appropriate amount of time to learn how to do things “calmly and properly”. Unfortunately, other websites take advantage of the premature ejaculator’s distress and anxiety in order to sell their products and services. However, we don’t agree with the intentions of such websites considering our objective is to help our clients before helping ourselves.