There is no doubt that sex plays a crucial role in our lives. Not being able to satisfy our partner sexually is one of the leading causes of divorce and infidelities in our time. In TV shows like “Sex and The City” women speak freely and constantly about their sexual experiences with men. Today, this is the reality, you see it everywhere in TV, movies and magazines, women are sexually liberated and demand Positive results in bed.

Physical and psychological symptoms of a premature ejaculator

Premature ejaculators experience a wide variety of physical and psychological symptoms before, during and after sex achat viagra avec paypal. If you suffer from premature ejaculation you will recognize them.

Before: The idea of failure takes over causing stress which in turn causes: Abnormal heart rate (heart beats fast and deep, sometimes with different frequencies), sweaty hands, anxiety and unstable breathing (making short and shallow breaths).
During: Those who suffer from a milder grade of premature ejaculation and are able to stay on the plateau at least 1 minute, will notice a high heart rate, buttocks will be tense and testicles tight together and much higher in position close to the base of the penis (many people have never noticed these symptoms).
After: Then comes the worst, having to face another sexual failure that will make the next one even worse enrolling the subject in a vicious circle. At this point, the subject will jump from one premature ejaculation grade to another in a matter of months.

Your partner also suffers your premature ejaculation

After a long period of sexual unsatisfaction the relationship begins to suffer the consequences degrading to the point of rupture, that’s the reality. The break up is especially hard for the man because he knows it will happen again on his next relationship and suffers thinking that his ex might be enjoying sex with another man.

Emotional consequences of a premature ejaculator

The emotional consequences of premature ejaculation are devastating both psychologically and emotionally. Men who suffer from this sexual dysfunction may even devalue their own image and feel “worthless” because of their inability to satisfy a woman sexually. In more extreme cases, the emotional frustration that causes premature ejaculation blocks sexual appetite and can even develop into a psychological impotence