Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

Satisfaction guarantees positive results from the treatment that you’re about to purchase. If you don’t experience results that meet your expectations after the 21-day treatment, we’ll refund your money. We highly value customer satisfaction and will be happy to return your money if you’re not completely satisfied. Our ultimate goal is to help you recover your sexual life.

Our guarantee is ensured by Paypal

paypal logoPayPal is #1 worldwide due to its security, simplicity, and guarantee to their clients. Our satisfaction guarantee is ensured by PayPal. Refund requests made within 30 days following the payment will be paid directly through PayPal upon discretion of Ejaculation Control.

Medical Safety Guarantee

This website does not pose health risks of any type and will not cause any harmful side-effects, whether short-term or long-term. If you follow the treatment appropriately, you will achieve the desired results without any risks to your health. Our treatment has been designed through the collaboration of over 200 experts worldwide.